Asbestos, Mould, and
Lead Analysis in Edmonton

About Us

Based in Edmonton, Aspen IAQ Laboratories Ltd. specializes in the residential, commercial and industrial analysis and identification of asbestos, mould and lead. We are dedicated to providing clients with timely and accurate laboratory analysis services, and maintain an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. Our services are ideal for abatement contractors, construction and demolition companies, remediation contractors, building maintenance companies, homeowners and more.

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Aspen IAQ Laboratories Ltd. participates in the AIHA’s Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Analytical Testing (BAPAT) program and the Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) program for fungal identification. Our staff also participates in the Proficiency Testing Canada (PTC) program for the analysis of asbestos PCM cassettes.

Our staff are trained through The McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, Illinois, where they have completed Fungal Spore Identification, Microscopial Identification of Asbestos, and Advanced Asbestos Identification training courses. Our staff have also completed the Fungal Identification and Enumeration training course at Aemtek Inc. in Fremont, California. In addition, our staff have completed training courses in Atomic Absorption – Furnace and Flame Operations through the Thermo Scientific Training Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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